How to deal with debt collectors

A debt collector acts on behalf of a business to collect their debt for them. While it’s their right to demand payment, the law requires them to treat you professionally. If you are dealing with debt collectors Australia firms hire, you ought to know that the Australian consumer law offers you protection against any form of harassment, coercion or any action that is viewed as unconscionable conduct such as the collector taking unfair advantage of any vulnerability, disability or similar circumstances. The same law protects your family or people connected with you against the same. Therefore, in case of any of these, you have the legal right to make a formal complaint.

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About contact and privacy

When it comes to contacting, debt collectors Australia wide are only required to make contact when it is a necessity and should have a valid reason such as demanding for payment, arranging for repayments, reviewing the help with debt relief terms you had both agreed on, reviewing a repayment plan or inspecting and recovering goods. Also, if you can work out payment arrangements over the phone, then it is better as there will be no need for them to come to your home. Also, you have a right to privacy in the process of your debt repayments. A debt collector ought to protect your personal information as well as that of the third parties. In case any privacy laws have been breached, then you can report them.

Dealing with them

Make sure that the debt collector gets the information in writing before all else. The details should include stuff such as the money you owe them, the creditors’ name and in instances where you don’t believe that you owe the money, then you can also reject the debt in writing and always keep a copy of these written notices. Also, you need to keep records of the phone calls and messages they send you. This can come handy, especially where the debt collector breaks the law as sometimes it can be helpful when you are thinking of how to get a debt forgiven by a court.

Say little and stay firm

 Many people get troubled when they think of what they should say to their debt collectors Australia firms hire. It’s always advisable that you keep the conversations as minimal as possible. Do not over engage. This is because most of the time the debt collectors will be interrogating and interviewing you to assess whether you are capable of paying them their money. Therefore, keep it short by minimizing on the things that you say to them.

 Thanks to the Australian consumer rights, any person owing debt has plenty of rights that offer them protection. Therefore, as a third party collector looks for you make sure you know your rights so that you are not harassed in any way. Also, taking precautions by ensuring you have everything in writing and recorded is the best recommendation on how to deal with debt collectors by debt mediators who have been in the business for long. Visit today!

Discover Hard Money Loan and How It Works

Many real estate investors hear some terms that they do not understand in the beginning. One of these terms is hard money – it is little understood by many real estate investors and they frequently ask about it. Here is a great explanation of hard money. Before you contact a reliable Evoque Lending - Hard Money Lender, it is important to note that hard money is a form of alternative financing to borrowers who cannot get bank loans. Therefore, when loans need to happen quickly or bank lenders cannot approve a loan for a borrower, hard money can be the best option.

In many cases, for you to qualify for a bank loan, you must display a clear proof that you can repay it as agreed. Many bank loan lenders are interested in your credit and income history. Therefore, the lenders may approve your loan application if you have a solid credit history of borrowing responsibly and the ability to repay the loan.

On the other hand, hard money loan offers special financial accommodation to borrowers who cannot qualify for bank loans due to bad credit history and other financial obstacles. This is because hard money loan uses an asset or collateral to secure the loan. Therefore, instead of evaluating the risk of the loan based on your financial position, hard money lenders make sure that they can get their money by selling your asset if you do not repay the loan as agreed. In addition, you should also have in mind that hard money loans are short-term loans can last from approximately one to five years.

Why use hard money loans?

As previously noted, hard money has its place for borrowers who cannot get bank funding whenever they need it. Due the fact that the lenders mostly focus on collateral and less concerned with your financial position or credit history, hard money loans can be approved more quickly than bank loans. Therefore, to get started, you should work with a reliable hard moneylender such as Evoque Lending – Hard Money Lender to take you through the entire process.

Hard money agreements are also more flexible than bank loan agreements. This is because, hard moneylenders do not use standardized underwriting process. Instead, they evaluate each deal individually.

Qualifying for hard money loan

In this case, a borrower does not require a great credit history to qualify for hard money loan. Hard moneylenders are much concerned with the quality of your asset for them to render you eligible. In some cases, it is even possible to get a hard money loan without the lenders verifying your credit or income information, as long as the value of your collateral tallies with the amount you want to borrow. On the same note, many hard moneylenders keep low loan-to-value ratios. Therefore, the maximum loan-to-value ratio can sometimes range 50% to 70% so you should have an asset in order to qualify for hard money loan.

You can get more information on a reliable hard moneylender such as Evoque Lending – Hard Money Lender at,