What to Look for in Lifting Equipment Purchase and Maintenance Providers

For years, workers have suffered injuries and even death in extreme cases following accidents while at the process of lifting, carrying, holding and moving heavy weight objects. In fact, this June, a company was fined $ 50,000 by a Perth magistrate’s court over a 2011 train unloading incident that left a worker’s legs amputated below the knee. Such incidences are too familiar in the construction and mining industries. Therefore, it is paramount that companies be involved in careful selection of equipment as well as maintenance practices at all times to make sure that the safety of workers is prioritized. Quality in manufacture, installation, provision of maintenance services, repair as well as inspections on all industrial cranes as well as electric chain hoists and vacuum lifters should be paramount when seeking for these services from a provider.

Routine inspections

A service provider that offers routine inspections is one you would want to take interest in. This is because regular inspections and maintenance are pertinent in assessing the suitability of continued operation of equipment. Also these inspections are instrumental in identifying if there are any damaged parts in the equipment that may hamper its functionality and compromise its safety. These parts can then get replaced. A company that understands the importance of regular industrial and chain hoist servicing is critical to increase the safety of employees and productivity as well. Maintenance also minimizes downtime as minor problems will be identified, therefore, major faults minimized.

Compliance with the statutory standards

The best service provider is one that can devise a preventive maintenance program on all the lifting equipment in your possession while taking into account your crane and vacuum lifter usage, the environment as well as manufacturers’ requirements. Also they should ensure their maintenance procedures are in line with statutory standards.

Qualified experienced team

The service provider like Millsom Materials Handling should be one that has an all-round team working with them, including qualified fitters and electrical service technicians. This will ensure they can deliver a comprehensive emergency service, inspections as well as breakdown service on your lifting equipment, including cranes and vacuum lifters. A competent team that is experienced in conducting major inspections is recommended.

They should be flexible

Working with a service provider that is flexible in service delivery is among the best things. This includes flexibility in terms of customers. A service provider should not discriminate on the basis of name. Whether they are dealing with large corporate with hundreds of lifting equipment or a single customer with one electric chain hoist or crane, they should offer the same quality support, attention and dedication. They should also be flexible in terms of service delivery such that they can handle an emergency breakdown when called upon urgently.

Suction cups and other lifting equipment that are regularly maintained by competent service providers will ensure that the quality is up to speed with the statutory requirements and is safe for use by employees. You can tick through the above points to arrive at the best service provider.

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