Common Canon and Xerox Copier Problems Explained

Canon Copiers are some of the most robust in the industry but the truth is that they are also some of the most delicate machines, like all copiers in the market. This mainly due to the fact that the copiers make use of delicate electronic circuits in order to carry out the robust and versatile functions to which they are deployed on a daily basis in the office environment. It therefore goes without saying that you will need regular Canon copier repair and maintenance services in order to keep your copiers in the best shape.


Copiers generally get worn off based on how they are used and handled. Additionally, there are certain environmental factors that may impact how a copier operates and may even lead to breakdowns or damages. These include elements such as excessive heat and sunshine, moisture, dust, vibrations amongst others. Here is a brief overview of some of the most common Canon copier problems for which you might need a Canon copier repair service:

The paper jams

This is one of the most common if not the most common problem with your copier machines. Paper jams are generally caused by a number of factors such as the use of the wrong size of the paper, a printing paper tray that is too full, or a case where there is simply a malfunctioning of the printer. Other factors that cause the paper jams include the paper dust and other debris in the paper tray.

Whenever you are faced with the paper jams, you can simply pull the papers out via the neutral path. If the paper jams occur frequently, you can call up Xerox repairs in Sydney contractors or Canon repairs specialists to help you in servicing your copier in order to eliminate the root cause of the problem.

Overheating of the copier

Copiers can overheat even when you place them in a relatively cool room. This often happens when the machine has been used too much. But there are many other reasons why machines may overheat that have got nothing to do with the extent of use. For example, there could be some problems with the copier circuitry in which case you will need a professional quality Xerox repairs service to carry some diagnosis on the copier issues.

Overheating generally affects several copier components such as the lights, the fans, the processors and the gears amongst other parts.

Black lines on the copied page

This is another of the most common problems with the copiers. When you see this, you can carry out simple maintenance tasks on the copiers such as cleaning the copier glass with a window cleaner, and then running a clean sheet of paper through it.

If the problem persists, then the toner cartridge may need to be changed.  Sometimes, this may be due to a problem with the copier’s imaging unit and you will need to call up a professional repairs service in Sydney to carry out some repairs or maintenance.

Funny noises

Your copier shouldn’t make noise so if you hear it making some funny noises, then it may be having some problems such as obstructions in the paper trays or the feed systems of the copier machine. Check these for any obstruction and if you do not find anything, you can call a professional repairs technician for some copier troubleshooting.

Confusing Codes

Sometimes, the copier may issue error codes that you may not really understand unless you refer to the copier manual. In some instances, the manual may not even contain the information that you are looking for. It will therefore be important to hire Canon copier repair service or Xerox repairs Sydney service if these errors persist.

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