Here’s why a responsive website design is a blessing in the modern era

The number of tab and smartphone users is rapidly increasing, and it is driving towards the need for mobile-friendly websites. These smart devices and tablets have considerably altered the approach towards user experience. Before the spread of these devices that allow advanced browsing capabilities, the web designers had the primary challenge to keep the look and feel of the websites. But with more and more people browsing on smartphones, it is necessary for a designer who does the job of web design Fort Lauderdale wide to consider a few factors like click vs. tap, screen size, support for Adobe technology, pixel resolution, optimized markup and several others.

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This is because from 2013 to 2015, the number of tab consumers grew up by 78 percent, and mobile devices account for about 2 out of 3 minutes people spend online.

The rise in responsive web designs

If Search Engine Optimisation is the core aspect of your online marketing strategy, then you must have a mobile-friendly website. The sales of mobile phones have already surpassed that of desktops in the past two years. These factors invariably demand a responsive website design which is an approach of laying out as well as coding a website for allowing optimal user experience. The designers adept in responsive designing take into account various factors like navigation elements, texts, images, screen-layouts, audio & video players along with various other UI elements so that the user can read and navigate with a minimum of panning, resizing, scrolling across any devices.

The advantages of having a responsive website

With a responsive web design Fort Lauderdale web designers create, you will not have to invest separately for creating a mobile version and the desktop version of the same website. There are various other advantages of having a responsive website, and some of them include:

·        Superb flexibility – With responsive design, the content on your website becomes fluid meaning that it can be accessed from a wide range of devices without any loss to its core resolutions and design. Both the images and grids become fluid and just as the fluid can take the form of any space where it is placed and retain its features and appearance, your web page would also achieve similar results with a responsive design. See more at Bricks & Mortar Creative

·        Matchless user experience – While the content on your website is the most important component, the user experience also allows your visitors to decide whether or not they will go through the contents of your website. Therefore, the web design Fort Lauderdale designers create must provide optimal user experience all the time regardless of the device from which a user is browsing through.

·        Easy to manage – When you have a separate mobile and desktop site, it means you will have to arrange for separate SEO campaigns. Needless to say that having a single responsive Magento website design created by the skillful and experienced designers is much easier to manage where you can manage the keywords which are much likely to be looked for by users browsing through mobile devices.

Therefore, with a proper WordPress website design, you can reap the benefits of employing advanced methodologies, build the strongest platform for users and stay ahead of your rivals in the present time of all-embracing globalization. For more details, just visit

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